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Catastrophic Injury

A Catastrophic Injury is an injury that is generally considered to be extremely serious, and covers injuries to the spine, brain and head. These injuries usually have a devastating effect on the victim and their family, often requiring them to have 24 hour care. Compensation for these types of injuries is important and usually substantial, however Claim Time also endeavour to provide the best possible care to all clients who have sustained a Catastrophic Injury, offering treatment advice and aftercare for as long as the client or their family requires it.

The main point of contention when dealing with these types of claims is demonstrating how the injury will affect the victim in the long term, as proof of injury will likely not be needed with such severe wounds. This means that some claims can take a while to resolve due to the long process of determining the long term effects of an injury, however going through this process is the best way to obtain a fair compensation package.

We will ensure that you undergo a thorough Medical Examination with one of our specialists to fully determine the extent of your injuries and thus what level of compensation you should be receiving.Compensation usually splits into three distinct areas, Initial Compensation, Supporting Compensation, and Expenses. These are covered in the compensation area in more detail.

Our expert team can give you all the help you need, from general advice on how to claim right up to completing the full Catastrophic Injury claims process. It is free to enquire about our services, and we operate on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, and when we do win we claim the costs from the other side so there is literally no risk involved. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you; if you feel you are entitled to compensation, contacting Claim Time is the first step to a successful compensation claim.

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No Win, No Fee policy is valid in all instances except in MIB and CICA claims.
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