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Claims Process – Military Injury-Evaluation


After you have contacted Claim Time with an initial enquiry, we will make it our duty to get right back to you to record details about you accident and the type of personal injury you believe you have sustained.

The case will then be reviewed by one of our team, who will determine whether or not the incident involves the liability of a third party and, if it does, how best to pursue the claim. We will contact you as soon as this process is completed to let you know whether your claim is substantial.

This part of the process simply acts as, in essence, a quote. We put you under no obligation to pursue the enquiry, and all evaluations are provided free of charge. If your case is deemed to be eligible for compensation, and you agree to pursue it, then we will appoint one of our team of dedicated solicitors to tackle the case.

If we determine that your case falls within the guidelines provided by the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, you will most likely not need a solicitor. We will send you the relevant forms to make a claim under this scheme, as well as endeavouring to provide any support you may require in making this claim.

However if we feel that a case can be made against the Ministry of Defence for negligence then we will be happy to help you make a claim. If this is the case then the claim will then enter the Advisory Period, in which we begin telling you what steps need to be taken to ensure a successful claim.

No Win, No Fee policy is valid in all instances except in MIB and CICA claims.
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