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Claims Process – Professional Complaints

A Professional Negligence claim is any claim that is made against a person who is considered a professional, most prominently being doctors and solicitors. There are standard procedures to follow if you have been injured as a result of negligence on a professional’s part.

Claims against a Medical Professional

You are entitled to make a claim against a doctor or specialist if you are injured as a result of one of the following cases;

– Misdiagnosis
– Negligent or Unacceptable Treatment
– Failure to perform surgery to a high standard

While many are wary about claiming compensation from a medical professional, in some cases it is the correct course of action as a negligent doctor can potentially cause the loss of life. Claim Time will endeavour to ensure that the claim is fully supportable before taking it to court.

Claims against a Solicitor

A claim can be made if you believe that a solicitor working for you has treated their duties in a negligent manner. A claim can be made in any of the following cases;

– Solicitor has provided a poor service
– Solicitor is guilty of professional misconduct
– Solicitor is guilty of negligence in regards to the matter they were hired to deal with.

Complaints against solicitors are handled by the Legal Complaints Service. Once you make a complaint to them, they will determine if the complaint is legitimate and, if it is, will refer the case to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority. This is relevant for both the providing of poor service and when a solicitor is guilty of professional misconduct.

A slightly different route is taken in the case of negligence, which is when a solicitor does not act in the way they are expected to, such as not serving papers to a defendant on time, serving them to the wrong person and generally neglecting to perform the duties for which they are responsible. In these cases the claim is handled in court.

If you feel that a professional has failed you in any respect, Claim Time may be able to help you claim compensation.

No Win, No Fee policy is valid in all instances except in MIB and CICA claims.
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