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Will I need to attend a court hearing?

A large amount of compensation claims are settled out of court, so in the majority of cases you will not need to go to court to pursue your claim. In the instances that you do, Claim Time will provide you with as much support as possible to make the process as comfortable as it can be.

Do I have to attend a medical?

In many cases this will be required, especially if you aim to gain compensation for aftercare as well as your initial injury. A medical session taken with an independant medical advisor or specialist can prove disastrous for the defendant as well, and thus is extremely useful in proving your claim

Can I make a claim after 3 years has passed?

This depends entirely on the circumstances. In most cases 3 years is the limit, however there are cicrumstances in which this limit does no apply.

Claims made on the behalf of a child (up to the age of 21) or somebody who is mentally handicapped do not have the time limit imposed upon them.

Other exceptions include cases where the injury does not manifest until a number of years after the incident, or various situations within the military, which are better explained in the Military Injuries Process section.

Will I need to attend meetings with Claim Time?

In the large majority of cases this will not be necessary, as the claims process can be handled via email/telephone. However in some cases, such as those involving serious injuries, a visit or meeting may be required. In these cases, your solicitor will usually meet you at your home or in the hospital.

How much does making a claim cost?

Claim Time operates a no fee policy, as all of our fees are collected from the other side. This means that you get 100% of the compensation, and even if the claim fails you will not be left out of pocket thanks to our “No Win, No Fee” policy. Whatever the outcome, Claim Time guarantees that it will not take a fee for its services from you.

How much compensation will I receive?

This entirely depends upon the case, as each claim is unique. There are general guidelines available, and more serious injuries will generally gain more compensation than minor ones. However we can’t say for certain until we have the facts. The compensation will not only take into account the initial injury, but also other factors, such as the loss of potential earnings and any aftercare the claimant may require. All these factors make up the sum of compensation you will receive.

What procedure should I follow when making a claim?

The first step any potential claimant must take is to contact us, either via freephone on 0800 970 2727, or contacting us via email or our online form.

After this initial step is taken, we can decide from there how to correspond. Serious cases may involve us visiting you ta home or the hospital, however in the majority of cases there will be no need for you to visit our office.

Some cases may not even require a solicitor but, whatever the circumstances, Claim Time will endeavour to provide the best possible service.

How long will a compensation claim take?

This depends entirely on the circumstances. For relatively minor personal injuries, the claim can be completed in a matter of months, however in more complex cases, such as those inovlving catastrophic injuries or professional negligence, the timespan may vary widely. The best solution is to contact us directly, as each case is unique. We will be able to provide a better judgement on this issue once we have established the facts of your case.

How do I know I am able to make a claim?

If you have been injured in any kind of accident that was not your fault, you are likely entitled to make a claim.

The general guideline for when a claim can be submitted is within 3 years of the accident taking place. There are exceptions to this rule however.

In claims involving a child, the claim can be made anytime before the child’s 21st birthday.

In claims involving a solicitor or other professional, there are a number of other guidelines which are detailed in the Professional Negligence area of the site.

Where can I get an idea of the amount of compensation I might receive?

Just head on over to the Knowledge Centre and you can get a basic run down of how much compensation you may be entitled to for a particular injury. This isn’t set in stone however, so the best way to find out is to contact us.

No Win, No Fee policy is valid in all instances except in MIB and CICA claims.
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