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Whiplash is caused by a sudden jerking of the head and neck area, and often happens as a result of a car crash, especially rear impact crashes. The effect can cuase aches and pains around the neck, and is one of the most common after-effects of a Road Traffic Accident.

Whiplash is caused when the head is whipped backwards as the body goes forwards, before being whipped forwards again upon the motion of the body stopping suddenly. It most often occurs during sudden braking or when a car’s back-end has been crashed into, causing the driver or passengers to jolt fowards.

Bones in the neck are generally not affected, as whiplash affects the neck muscles, ligaments and joints.

Whiplash can lead to a whole variety of ailments and problems, such as constant neck pain, restricted movement of the head, shoulder pain, dizziness, heavy arms and even tinnitus.

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