Cycling Accident Claims - What's the Potential Compensation?

When you file a cycling accident claim with Claim Time, you benefit from the expertise of seasoned legal professionals and have a fellow cyclist advocating for you.

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    Can I Make A No Win No Fee Cycling Accident Claim?

    We handle most cycling accident claims on a no win no fee basis, ensuring minimal financial risk for you. If successful, your opponent covers the majority of your legal costs, with the remainder deducted from your settlement. If you do not receive compensation, you incur no costs at all.

    If a no win no fee arrangement is not viable, alternative payment options such as legal expenses insurance may be available, possibly included in your home or vehicle insurance plans. During your free initial consultation, our road traffic accident experts can advise on the most suitable payment method for your case.

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    Let us assist you through this challenging time and help you get the compensation you deserve.

    What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

    A personal injury claim is a legal process to seek compensation for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. If you’ve been harmed due to another’s actions, like a car accident, you can file a claim to recover damages. This compensation may cover medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. It’s crucial to prove the other party’s negligence, and consulting a personal injury lawyer can help navigate this process effectively. 

    How to claim after a bicycle accident?

    Cyclists face severe vulnerability on the roads, and even minor cycling incidents can result in significant injuries. We understand the trauma that a bike accident can cause, leaving you physically and emotionally shaken.

    We firmly believe that if you've sustained injuries in a cycling accident due to someone else's negligence, you deserve an apology and compensation to alleviate the financial burdens of your recovery.

    When you feel ready, the initial step in pursuing a cycling accident claim is seeking sound advice. Reach out to us first: you can confidentially share your experience with one of our personal injury advisors in a supportive environment. We'll assess your situation to determine if you qualify for a bike injury claim.

    If your bicycle accident occurred within the past three years and was not your fault, there's a strong likelihood that we can assist you. You may be eligible to claim for your cycling accident if it resulted from:

    Contact us on 0800 970 2727 for free, informative advice with no obligation to proceed with a claim. Feel free to call us for a discussion or arrange a callback at your convenience. We're committed to providing assistance whenever you need it.

    Important Information for Cycling Accident Compensation Claims

    • If you’ve been in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to claim compensation.
    • The amount you receive depends on how serious your injuries are.  
    • You can also claim for any damage to your bike and equipment, ongoing rehabilitation costs, and any out-of-pocket expenses you’ve incurred.  
    • You have up to three years after the accident to start your claim.  
    • Our dedicated cycling accident claims solicitors offer our legal services on a No Win No Fee basis.  
    • Our fees are flexible, and you will always receive 100% of the compensation we recover for your bike and equipment. 

    Determining Compensation for a Cycling Accident

    • The compensation you receive for a bicycle accident is not predetermined. It considers the severity of your injuries and the financial implications of the accident. After evaluating the circumstances of your accident, our solicitors will provide an estimate of your potential compensation. 
    • When calculating your compensation, we consider: 
    • The extent of your injuries 
    • Current and future medical expenses, including potential lifelong treatment costs 
    • Lost income due to work absence or unemployment 
    • Costs of home or vehicle adaptations necessitated by your injury 
    • Damages to your bike and other belongings like helmet, clothing, phone, or laptop 

    What types of accidents can we help with?

    Our London-based Personal Injury solicitors have extensive experience handling various personal injury claims, including:

    Road Traffic Accidents

    Injuries sustained from car accidents where another party is at fault.

    Workplace Accidents 

    Compensation claims for injuries suffered at the workplace due to negligence.

    Slips and Trips

    Injuries resulting from slips, trips, or falls in public or private spaces.

    Clinical Negligence 

    Seeking compensation for harm caused by medical professionals due to negligence.

    Sports-Related Injury

    Injuries sustained during sports activities where negligence is a factor.

    Product Liability

    Claims for injuries caused by defective or dangerous products.

    Public Liability

    Compensation claims for accidents like slips, trips, or falls in public due to negligence.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Compensation for injuries resulting from accidents involving motorcycles.

    Our team of experienced cycling accident solicitors customises their approach to fit the unique aspects of your case. If necessary, our in-house rehabilitation coordinators will ensure you receive top-tier rehabilitation services, facilitating a smooth and comprehensive recovery. 

    Contact Our Personal Injury Specialists for Motorbike Accidents

    Our extensive network ensures that regardless of your location in the UK, you have access to dependable legal support for your motorcycle accident claim. Whether you reside in London, Birmingham, or elsewhere, our personal injury lawyers are prepared to champion your rights and help you secure the compensation you deserve. 

    Reach out to our no win no fee solicitors at 8009702727 or contact us online to arrange your free consultation. Alternatively, schedule a callback at your convenience. Our phone lines are open 24/7, every day of the year. 

    Start your journey with a free consultation.

    Alternatively, schedule a callback at your convenience. 

    Our phone lines are available 24/7, every day of the year.


    You can claim for various types of cycling accidents, including those caused by another vehicle’s negligence, defective equipment like faulty crash helmets, or poor road conditions such as potholes in cycle lanes. 

    In most cases, you have up to three years after the accident to initiate your claim. It’s important to act promptly to gather evidence and start the claims process within this timeframe. 

    The amount of compensation depends on factors such as the severity of your injuries, ongoing medical expenses, lost income due to work absence, costs of adaptations, and damages to your bike and belongings. 

    Yes, you can claim for damage to your bike, equipment (such as helmet, clothing, phone, laptop), and any other property affected by the accident. 

    After a cycling accident, seek medical attention, gather evidence (photos, witness details), report the incident to relevant authorities, and avoid discussing fault or liability until you’ve sought legal advice. 

    Our No Win No Fee arrangement means that if your case is successful, your opponent covers most of your legal costs, with the remaining portion deducted from your settlement. If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t incur any legal fees. 

    If you’re unsure about liability in your cycling accident, it’s best to consult with our legal experts. We can assess your case, gather evidence, and determine if you have grounds for a claim based on negligence or other factors. 

    Claim Time Solicitors is your trusted partner in the pursuit of justice and the quest for rightful damages.

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