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You could make a claim after a farm accident
Farms are the riskiest places of work and have a terrible health and safety record. Working with heavy equipment, animals and with frequent exposure to synthetic compounds can cause serious injuries, particularly if the safety regulation hasn't been looked after. But it's not only the farm workers who are in danger; visitors, youngsters and guests are equally in danger also. If you or your family has been injured in a farm accident in the last three years and it was not your fault, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. You can call us on 0800 970 2727 for free consultation.
What your compensation could pay for
If you have a successful personal injury claim then compensation can pay for:
  • Time off from work
  • Medical Treatment
  • Travel Costs
  • Accommodation
  • Care
  • Furthermore, any other costs caused by your damage
Our specialists consider each case on an individual basis, which means we can't tell to you the amount of compensation you will get before making your claim.
You could still claim if you are self-employed
Some farm workers are self-employed and are contracted by bigger organisations. If the business you're working has control over your workplace and has neglected to take the safety measures to protect you, at that point, they're responsible for your injury and you might have a case to make a claim. There is a wide range of hazards in farm which can lead to personal injuries. The following are a few cases:
  • Dangerous machinery, such as tractors and forklift trucks
  • Dangerous cattle and livestock
  • Falls from height
  • Falling objects, for example, in stores or warehouses
  • Chemicals and dangerous substances
  • Grain silos and slurry pits, which can cause drowning or asphyxiation (suffocation)
If you are thinking to discuss a personal injury claim , contact us in any of 3 Easy ways:
There are three approaches to get in contact with us, every one of them free.

1. Call us on 0800 970 2727.
2. Online, by entering your details. Click Here to Fill a Short Form. 3. “Live Chat' button on top right corner of your screen or bottom right side of your computer screen.

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