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Motorcycle accident

Motorbikes have always been a great way to travel around – for both leisure and convenience. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are very prone to accidents which can prove to be life threatening. It’s not just the motorbiker who is affected, but also his friends and family. Motorbike accidents can cause long-lasting trauma on physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcyclists occur too frequently, often due to inattentive drivers.

Motorcyclists are categorised as one of the most vulnerable road users (VRU’s), as they lack various means of protection like seatbelts, airbags, head-rest or any kind of outer shell to protect the person riding the motorbike. Despite a drop in motorbike accidents from 1979 to 2013 by 76%, they still continue to have the highest accident rate and injury rate per mile.

In 2022, 350 motorcyclists died in the Great Britian, 5,618 were injured seriously, and 10,975 were injured slightly.

Death rate of motorcyclists is almost 40 times higher than car drivers.

Even though motorcyclists amount to less than 1% of road traffic, they still account for 19% of road deaths in the UK. 86% of these deaths are males, over a third from them being under 25 years of age.

On average, 30 motorcyclists suffer serious or fatal injuries, on a daily basis. Motorcyclists are 51 times more likely to be killed in a road accident.

If you’ve suffered a motorbike accident, by seeking professional legal help, you can find about your eligibility for your motorbike accident claim.

Expert assistance for your motorbike accident claims

Motorbike accidents can occur due to various factors negligence from the driver, unsafe roads, speeding, carelessness about judging blind spots, and other factors.

Claim Time Solicitors are committed to helping you claim compensation for injuries suffered in road accidents. Our team of motorbike accident solicitors is a special team focused on getting you the compensation you are entitled to. We are accredited members of the Law Society, nationally recognised in the UK, and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Our road traffic accident solicitors specialise in dealing with motorbike accident claim

So, if you are suffering from a motorcycle accident injury or have a damaged vehicle, Claim Time Solicitors is here to assist. Our solicitors have an in-depth and extensive knowledge and a proven record of success in motorbike injury claims. After the first consultation regarding your motorbike accident, our specialised motorbike injury solicitors will determine with a high degree of certainty whether you have a valid case, saving you tons of resources and time. If you do have a valid case, road traffic accident solicitors at Claim Time will work tirelessly to make sure that you receive the appropriate compensation, and best medical care, if necessary.

Our motorbike accident claims are handled on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, so you will not incur any cost if your claim is unsuccessful.

Motorbike Accident Claims – More details and information

If you are not sure who is at fault in your motorcycle accident, it will be still valuable and worthwhile to get in touch with us. We will make the process simple. We can launch an investigation into the incident to decide whether you are eligible to make a claim. You can also claim on behalf of a family member or friend.

Additionally, if your motorbike accident was caused by a fault in your motorbike or due to poor road conditions, you could be still eligible to make a claim. It is important to explore all causes of the accident so that you receive fair compensation.

Generally, in most motorbike crash claims, there is a 3-year time limit. So, you have upto three years from the event of the accident to make your motorcycle accident claim.

It’s a good practice to make the claim as soon as possible. This increases your chances to make your claim successful by give your motorcycle accident lawyers enough time to gather information and collect witness statements.

Every motorbike accident claim is different. The amount of compensation you will acquire will depend on several factors:
 1. Circumstances surrounding the accident
 2. Seriousness of injuries caused to the rider
 3. Kind of treatment/support you need after your accident
 4. Whether or not you are in need for ongoing support
There are other factors which influence the compensation you may receive. For example: The impact on your quality of life, psychological impact from the incident, modifications needed for either your home or vehicle.

The process can take longer if there is an investigation or inquiry from the police. Some cases are complex than others. If the motorcyclists are suffering from severe injuries, collecting relevant evidence and prognosis will take time.

Liability disputes and time-period taken for medical assessment can also impact claim duration. We work to expedite the process as soon as possible ensuring the necessary information is assessed and evaluated correctly.

Justice for David: Surviving a motorbike accident

motorcycle accident

David, a motorbike enthusiast was caught in a harrowing accident. He would usually go with his friends for long rides. On this fateful day, David didn’t know what was ahead of him. A car driver abruptly crossed the lane, and David could do nothing to avoid the collision which threw him violently into a barrier, nearby.

The accident was brutal. It left David with a waist-down paralysis and multiple fractures. He was admitted to the nearest trauma-centre where he went through an emergency treatment – which was a lifesaver.

Yet, David’s full recovery was a long road.

Our motorbike accident attorneys understood the physical, emotional and financial toll the accident had taken on David. Our lawyers felt an urgent need for interim financial assistance to cover medical expenses, physiotherapy, rehabilitation costs and important changes made to David’s home so that it would be comfortable for him live there, after the accident.

David later expressed his gratitude: “The interim payments that I received have been a life-changer. They facilitated me in bringing necessary changes to my living room, exploring technology to make my life easy.”

David was particularly satisfied with the technical expertise of Claim Time’s motorcycle accident solicitors: “One of the best things about my legal team was their deep understanding about motorbike dynamics and accident mechanics. They analysed the accident scene in-depth, and created a compelling case by advanced reconstruction techniques. Their attention to detail and efficiency with which they dealt with insurance companies gave me a lot of confidence and assurance that I was in their capable hands”.


Immediately after a motorcycle accident, seek medical help after ensuring your safety first. You should report the accident to the police after collecting information from the witnesses. You could also document and click pictures of the accident to present evidence of it to the insurance companies.

Motorbike accidents happen most commonly at near junctions, with one of the main causes being a car intersecting the path of the biker or vice versa – this happens most commonly near exits.

Also, motorbike accidents are caused by bikers sliding on various substances like mud, oil, greasy roads, etc.

If you have experienced such an accident, you may be eligible for a claim.

Yes! If you have been in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, surely you may be eligible for the motorcycle compensation claim.

These claims can cover a wide range of costs – medical bills, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering! You should get in touch with the personal injury solicitors to understand your rights and options.

Due to little or no solid protection for the motorcyclists during the accident, they can suffer serious to mild injuries depending upon the accident or collision impact.

The most common injures that occur during the motorcycle accidents are:
 1. Fractures
 2. Head and brain injuries
 3. Spinal cord injuries
 4. Internal injuries

Challenges faced by claimants

Without a doubt seeking compensation after a road traffic accident is an overwhelming experience. During this whole process, claimants typically face some challenges, some of which are:

Processing legal procedure

To deal with insurance companies

Proving liability

Deciding the amount as fair compensation

personal injury solicitors

How we can help

Our law firm understands the hurdles and challenges individuals go through by seeking personal injury claims. The dedicated and emphatic team at Claim Time Solicitors provide comprehensive and holistic assistance throughout the process. We have much more to offer! Here is how and why we can help you to overcome and achieve your compensation successfully:

Expertise in legal guidance

Our experienced solicitors will guide you through the entire legal process making sure that you understand... your rights. We will provide insights regarding the compensation claim step by step. Our focus is your recovery as we handle all paperwork, legal requirements, data and evidence gathering!

Thorough investigation

Our aim is to establish liability and build a strong case to support your claim. For that, we will be conducting... thorough investigation into your motorcycle accident, giving attention to every detail, successfully getting you the compensation you deserve.

Skilled Negotiation

All the technical interactions and negotiations with the insurance companies will be handled by our adept... negotiators. Claim Time always strives for justice and a fair compensation that covers your medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, physical and emotional impact of your injury.

Court representation

In case, if fair settlement will not be reached through negotiations, our road traffic accident solicitors are ready... to fight for you in court. Our lawyers will present your case with careful attention to details and due diligence!

Assistance with damage calculation

We will provide you with an overview of the extent of damage incurred. We... will be calculating economic , non-economic and punitive damages. Analysing the accident forom every angle, we strive to assist you in getting maximum compensation.

Client support and communication

We aren’t just representing your case, we are always there for you. Any questions and queries you may have... ; we are more than happy to answer them. We’ll keep you updated through any kind of progress we make on the case. Claim Time is there to provide compassionate support during this challenging time.

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