Claim Time Solicitors - Personal Injury, Road Traffic accident
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If you've lost a friend or family member in a fatal road accident, regardless of whether they were a driver, cyclist, traveler or pedestrian, they may be eligible for a compensation . . Would you be able to make a personal injury claim? We routinely deal with may people who are not sure if they can make a personal injury claim. If you wish to discuss a fatal road accident and the deceased was not at fault, you may be eligible for a compensation. We advise that if a fatal accident occurred over the recent three years, caused a fatality and was not your fault, then its likely you can make a claim.
How much compensation you will get in a fatal accident?
There is no restriction to what your compensation can cover, however, when our personal injury claim splicitors arrange your compensation, they'll hope to cover various things including:
  • Loss of earnings you’ve experienced – this includes the loss of future earnings if your partner has passed away
  • Additional costs you’ve had to cover – for example, funeral costs, treatment costs or travel costs because of the accident
  • Any care costs – including care for your loved one before they passed, or care for your children while you were needed elsewhere
If it was your partner who suffered a fatal accident, you could make a 'dependent's claim' if you were financially dependent on your loved one.
If you are thinking to discuss a personal injury claim , contact us in any of 3 Easy ways: There are three approaches to get in contact with us, every one of them free.
1. Call us on 0800 970 2727.
2. Online, by entering your details. Click Here to Fill a Short Form.
3. “Live Chat' button on top right corner of your screen or bottom right side of your computer screen. Our specialist team of Injury Claim Solicitors is happy to help you.

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