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If you've suffered due to hospital's negligence, we can help
Everybody deserves a high standard of care - you ought to feel safe while you're being treated at the hospital. Even though most hospitals and healthcare staff satisfy these high standards, there are some situations where mistakes or negligence can lead to difficulties. If you or a loved one has experienced difficulties due to your GP’s or hospital's negligence and as a consequence, may be affecting by your career, family, income and social existence, besides living physically painful conditions, do call Claim Time Solicitors now. In a some cases, the outcome of hospital negligence may be life-changing. Your compensation can assist you to get the support and treatment you require. It also helps you cover the economic impacts, like the cost of time off work, so that you may focus on your own recovery. Claiming compensation could be the right thing to do - we're here to deal with your concerns and offer free guidance. Contact us on 0800 970 2727, or fill our online form.
Could you make a hospital negligence claim?
In case you or a loved one have undergone substandard care in a hospital leading to complications or distress, then you may be able to make a claim. The ideal way to find out is always to speak to us on 0800 970 2727. We will not ever rush or pressure you into making a claim - and we are here to provide you with the advice and service you demand. We are regulated solicitors and will not pressurise you to make any claims. Whenever you feel comfortable, we will be delighted to address all your issues and concerns and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. If you don't feel ready to speak to us, you could consider our online claims checker. It could tell you whether you could earn a claim in five simple steps.
Accident and Emergency Claims
Visits to A & E normally are unexpected and could be painful. After an unforeseen injury or health problem, the accident and emergency department would be the place many people turn for help. A & E sections of the NHS are very busy, with people coming and going at all hours - in most scenarios, doctors and hospital workers work tirelessly to ensure every individual is treated in the best way possible. However, when mistakes happen, they could be life-changing. If you've been injured due to negligence in A&E, then we can help you. Whether your condition was made worse with delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, blunders in medication, or any other medical negligence, we may be able to get the help, apology, and compensation you deserve and require. If you are unsure of making a claim, contact us for free on 0800 970 2727. We're here to answer your queries and assist you in making the claim
Kinds of hospital negligence
You will find various sorts of hospital negligence. Some of the examples are mentioned below, though not exhaustive. Don't be concerned if your injury is not mentioned here, we may still be able to help you with other similar conditions and consequences
  • Prescribed the wrong medication
  • Mistakes during surgery
  • Substandard level of care during child Birth that resulted in Issues
  • Experiencing needle-related accidents
  • Anesthetic Difficulties
  • Delayed treatment or misdiagnosis
Hospital infections
If the safety and hygiene precautions are not taken in hospitals, these could leads to infections. A few of them can be deadly and have severe consequences.
There are a number of infections, you could suffer due to a hospital visit
  • Sinus diseases, such as MRSA and C. Difficile
  • Bronchial illnesses, such as Norovirus
  • Infection of surgery sites
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Diseases of the blood
  • Infections of the skin and soft tissues
Physicians and staff should take action in order to remove these infections from spreading or coming in contact with patients.
Claiming for MRSA
As an infection, MRSA can be painful and life-changing. Experiencing MRSA can contribute to permanent disabilities, scarring, prolonged therapy in the hospital, or even be fatal. No matter whether you have contracted MRSA or you are researching on behalf of somebody else, we're right here to help you get the support. MRSA can be contracted by poor cleanliness standards in hospitals. Hospitals have to follow rigorous hygiene rules to avoid the spread of MRSA. This includes:
  • Making sure all medical equipment and rooms are thoroughly cleaned
  • Ensuring visitors wash their hands
  • Making sure staff wash their hands after caring for every patient
  • Covering patients’ wounds
If you've endured MRSA as a result of hospital's negligence, or if MRSA was not treated properly, we may have the ability to make a compensation claim.
About Your compensation
Nobody hopes to be hurt or left off after a hospital visit, and everyone has the right to feel safe. Besides, the compensation can cushion your recovery, it may also help to highlight hospital security problems so that other individuals don't suffer in the same manner. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors really work hard to understand the effect the medical error has had on your life and take this into consideration when putting your case together. For example, they will take into account the costs required for the injury - this may consist of further medical treatment, lost earnings due to time off work, travel and accomodation expenses. They'll also think of the broader consequences of your injury on your family members, social lifestyle and hobbies - suffering an injury as a consequence of medical negligence may be isolating, and we've noticed how compensation can help people to acquire their independence back. You can call on 0800 970 2727 for free advice. We will let you know whether you can make a claim and how you could expect to be compensated.

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