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How we can help you to make a personal injury claim
We can understand the pain you are going through when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. When you have experienced a serious injury from a motorcycle, then the physical and emotional consequences can be severe. Serving since 2004, we have a vast experience of personal injury claims. We have worked with motorcyclists to help them get compensation they deserve. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, we are happy to give free advice about making a personal injury claim. And if you're not prepared to begin a claim yet, or you're uncertain whether you can make a personal injury claim, we can help you by listening to the incident and guide you to next steps. In case you're searching for guidance, or you want to start a motorcycle accident claim, please call us on 0800 970 2727. Our specialist team of Personal Injury Law Soilicitors will be happy to help you.
Your compensation in a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim
Your compensation in a personal injury claim is given to you to cover the financial, physical and emotional effect of your loss. Every Injury Claim is unique and compensation amount depends upon your injury claim. We can not advice how much compensation you may get before you begin your claim. Our specialist Personal Injury Claim Solicitor will discuss this with you. To give you an idea, we consider the following in order to get you compensation assessed for Personal Injury Claims:
  • Loss of earnings because of your personal injury, including any future loss of earnings
  • Expenses such as prescription, travel, replacement gear, adaptations to your home or transport.
  • Loss of spare time activities, for example, if you played a sport and after motorcycle accident you are not able to play same sport.
Your compensation can take care of the expenses to support your family during the difficult times. If your partner needed to take care of you while you recover, then you could be financially compensated for their time also.
Personal Injury Claims are based on No win no fee
In order to make a Personal Injury Claim we work on no win no fee basis, which means you don't have to worry about any solicitor fees in order to make a claim. No win no fee is a mutual agreement between you and us. This means, if your claim is not successful you will not need to pay any of the expenses for making the claim. Simply put, if you don't win, you don't pay a penny. If your claim is successful, at that point you'll be paying injury claim solicitor’s fee, though th is taken from your compensation.
Serious Motorcycle accidents
The motorcycle accidents are without a doubt very dangerous. We know all injuries are serious, we realise that at some point after your accident, you can be left questioning is it worth making a claim for compensation? In case you're doubting whether you incurred serious damage or not, we can help you to assess. It's assumable you have got a serious injuries if:
  • You’ve had repeated, lengthy or ongoing medical treatment
  • You will need medical treatment for your injuries for the rest of your life
  • You’ve had to take long periods of time off work, are not able to return to work or are unable to return to work in the same capacity
  • You need care and support to complete daily tasks
In such situations, we realise no money can compensate for the changes your motorcycle accident has caused in your life. However, compensation can provide you and your family a much needed reprieve in such difficult times after having a Motorbike Injury.
Would you be able to make a motorcycle accident claim?
In order to make a personal injury claim for your motorcycle accident, the accident should have been caused by another person. This might be another bike rider, car driver or someone else. If accident happened due to bad road conditions for example, it was broken or had pot-holes, you may be able to start the personal injury claim, however we advise you to have a discussion with our Motorcyle Accidents Claim Specialist Solicitor. You have three years from the date of your Motrocycle Accident to make a claim.
Reaching us for personal injury claim of someone else
We realise your friends or family may not be aware of claim process or are not confident to speak in English. If you would like to speak to us on their behalf, we are happy to discuss their personal injury claim. We have Motorcyle Accidents Claim Specialist Solicitors who can speak your language also. In such situations we are happy to help you in making a claim on behalf of another person and help you understand what the next stages will be in making a motorcycle accident claim. Call us now for free advice, you can get in touch with us on 0800 970 2727 or simply fill the quick online claim form now
3 Easy Steps to Contact Us:
There are three approaches to get in contact with us, every one of them free.
1. Call us on 0800 970 2727.
2. Online, by entering your details. Click Here to Fill a Short Form.
3. “Live Chat' button on top right corner of your screen or bottom right side of your computer screen. Our specialist team of Injury Claim Solicitors is happy to help you. Keep in mind, you're under no commitment to begin a claim when you visit us, we're essentially here to give you the guidance you require about making a claim and getting the apology you deserve.

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