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Have you endured serious damage?
Suffering an injury can be a shocking and upsetting, and we realise this can make any damage serious. Nonetheless, at times the damage endured can be extreme and can lastingly affect your life and your future. In case you're doubting whether you've serious damage, the below can help. You may have an endured a serious damage if any one of the accompanying applies to your circumstance:
  • You had to undergo lengthy or ongoing treatment
  • Your injury has required long, repeated or ongoing hospital visits
  • You had to take significant time off work
No amount of cash can compensate for what you've experienced, however, getting financial compensation can assist you with getting back to where you were previously. If the damage was caused by another person, we may help you. Your compensation could cover for damages and any costs including:
  • Any care or support, even if this care was provided by family or friends. This includes mileage driven and time spent to provide care
  • Any loss of amenity, such as an impact on spare time activities such as playing sport
  • Any future loss of income through lost earnings or pension
  • Any effects on work. For example, if your progression at work became impacted by your injury
  • Any future handicap in employment such as a lack of future job opportunities
  • Any welfare costs, such as the cost of adapting your home
We realise that it can sometimes be hard to tell whether your damage would be viewed seriously. If you have any uncertainty, our counselors are prepared to hear your story. You can get in contact on 0800 970 2727 or fill our form. There are no commitments when you get in touch with us, yet we'll have the ability to assess whether we think you have a claim.
We can enable you to make a serious injury claim
Enduring serious damage can be awful and will be painful physically and emotionally. Most importantly, we're sad you've experienced this damage, regardless of the conditions. We will be unable to completely comprehend what you're experiencing, yet we have been helping individuals like you make injury claims since 2004 and our experience could help you achieve some normality. Utilizing our experience, we can enable you to claim the compensation you merit not only for the impact of your life, wellbeing, and finance but also for the effect, it had on your future and your friends and family. The unexpected impact of serious injury is probably going to be devastating to your family and we trust that you should be financially supported following such a tragic incident. When you reach us for counsel, we'll get some information about your damage and accident. We know it might be awkward to tell us about the accident or some individual near you, however having this information enables us to see how we can help you.
  • The date when your accident took place (this doesn’t need to be exact at this stage)
  • Any medical treatment you’ve received and the dates of when it took place
  • Any pain you’ve suffered and are still suffering
  • Any time you’ve had to take off work
  • Any adaptations you’ve had to make to your daily life, home and routines
We will likewise approach you for some information about the effect of your damage that it has had on your friends and family. This is because when our solicitors arranges your compensation they consider expenses to your friends and family alongside your requirements. This incorporates compensating for your loved ones:
  • Any care they gave you because of your accident, even when that care was free
  • Any mileage they’ve accumulated to help you get about
  • Any time they’ve taken off work to support you
If we want to enable you to secure compensation for what happened, we'll let you know and request permission to pass on your contact details to one of our specialist solicitors.
Claiming on behalf of a family member or friend
You may consider reaching us for a friend or family member, companion or someone near you who has endured serious injuries. In this situation too we can help. We comprehend that serious wounds can leave the individual unable to make decesions, in pain, and physically dependent on you. That is the reason we can speak to you about making a claim for their behalf. If you require guidance about making a claim or need to claim, please call us on 0800 970 2727. Or on the other hand, you can enter your details in our form and we'll get in touch with you. Then again, we have a page dedicated to making a claim for the benefit of a friend or family member or enquiring on behalf of another person. We additionally have our serious injuries FAQs, which is a collection of queries we've been asked since 2004, including "what is serious damage", "Will I need to go to court" and to what extent a claim may take.
Quick needs assessments
We comprehend that anyone who endures a serious and life-changing damage will have needs that should be handled straight away. This could range from returning home from the hospital to adjustments to your home. When you speak to our personal injury legal team, they can work with medical authorities and case workers to assess your dependencies and to build up a rehabilitation program to help your recovery. If possible, your solicitor will arrange an interim payment, before the final compensation settlement. This could assist you with implementing some of the progressions expected to guarantee you and your friends and family are as comfortable as possible and begin recovery. This interim payment will help you implement some of the changes needed.
Which are instant needs?
As soon as an immediate needs assessment is performed, we are going to want to make your life easier and reduce the fiscal impact of your injury. Especially, your assessor will take account of:
Care, rehabilitation and treatment
We would like you to recover as completely as possible and get as much of your health and life back as possible. Your assessor will appraise over your rehab and care needs after your injury, until you get your closing settlement. Should you require full-time maintenance or specialised physiotherapy, this may be considered and included in the recommendations.
Aids and gear
This might consist of mobility scooters or wheelchairs to allow you, or your loved ones, to get around as openly as possible. It may be that you need specialist equipment to utilize the amenities in your property. We will consider each element of your own life and the way your injury might have affected it.
Home and transportation
With the majority of serious injuries, it may be a time before you're going to have the ability to come back to driving or even walking. As a result of this, an appraisal will gauge the fiscal effect of your transportation needs in your everyday life. We will also examine the adaptations you might need to make to your house, after your injury. If you are not able to walk, you might require a ramp in your house, or require a toilet and bedroom downstairs. You should not need to await your closing settlement for these changes to be made and we'll do whatever we can to make certain you have exactly what you want to live a complete life. In case you have any queries regarding an immediate needs assessment, or you want help now as a result of severe accident, please contact us for free on 0800 970 2727.
Kinds of Severe injuries
If you think you've suffered a serious accident, we recommend calling us for free, impartial information on 0800 970 2727. That way we will be able to let you know if we believe you have a significant injury claim and save you the trouble of searching through for an appropriate solicitor. As serious injuries frequently have a severe and direct impact on peoples’ lives, and that of those around them, there isn't any clear example of which type of accident can result in a significant injury. But if you have experienced any of the harms below, then it is likely you have been in a serious accident.
  • Head and brain injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Back injury
  • A broken bone or several fractures
  • Loss of sight, either temporarily, permanently or partially
  • Amputations or the reduction of limb
  • A burn injury
  • Multiple injuries
  • Paralysis, either permanently, temporarily or partially
We have dealt with numerous cases of victims of neglect who have suffered injuries from accidents which weren't their fault. We all know that although the accidents above are often examples of severe injuries, you may actually be suffering another sort of complication or injury. By way of instance, you might have experienced an automobile, motorcycle or biking collision which has caused you to need prolonged or repeated medical treatment. Or you might have endured a fall from the height and as a consequence you are no longer able to travel independently, or maybe you've suffered an accident on the job that now means you are no longer able to do the job. So long as that accident was not your fault and occurred within the past 3 decades, it is likely we will be able to assist you. If you would like more details about how we can help, or if you'd like free information on your loved one accident, please contact us for free on 0800 970 2727 or complete one of our call back forms.

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